Our field of membership includes those individuals and their families who live, or work in Essex County, Middlesex County and Suffolk County.

In addition, membership shall include all current, past and future employees of:

General Electric Company, located in Lynn, Massachusetts; all employees (including family members/relatives) of any organization affiliated with the General Electric Company.

General Electric Company affiliates include:

  • Electric Insurance
  • Butler Services
  • G.E. Apparatus Service Center
  • G.E. Corporate Supply
  • Fitness System inc.
  • Belcan Corporation

Employees, Regular members and registered apprentices (including family members/relatives) of:

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Union Local 103 of Greater Boston, MA
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Union Local 223 in Brockton, MA
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Union Local 104 in Dedham, MA


Like all credit unions the main business of the River Works Credit Union is the promotion of thrift among its members by the accumulation of their savings and the loaning of such savings back to its members at a moderate rate of interest.

It is the Credit Unions’ practice to employ friendly and knowledgeable staff that are dedicated to member needs and place member conveniences as their priority.


River Works Credit Union was originally organized on February 13, 1936 as the General Electric River Works Employees Credit Union as a Massachusetts state-chartered credit union. The original charter was granted for the benefit of the employees and family members of the General Electric Company located in Lynn Massachusetts and its affiliates.

From inception until 1989, its place of business was within the General Electric plant. During 1989 the Credit Union moved into its own building located at 947 Western Ave., Lynn, Massachusetts where it is remains today. Throughout the years the Credit Union has expanded its product line from basic credit union services to the full service credit union it is today.

On February 13, 2002, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved a change in the sphere of membership to include anyone who works or lives in Essex, Middlesex or Suffolk Counties in addition to any and all past or present employees, or direct family members, of the GE Riverworks plant or any of its affiliated companies.

Our Mission

River Works Credit Union’s primary objective is to function as an independent, full service Credit Union dedicated to offering competitive and affordable products to its members in a highly personalized manner.

The Credit Union will maintain its focus on the fundamentals of prudent banking such as core earnings, asset quality, capital, retention, liquidity and full compliance with banking laws and regulations. This focus will serve to minimize risk, produce a consistent stream of earnings and provide a stable workplace for its employees.

The Credit Union will seek to attract and retain employees who are highly motivated, well trained and produce quality service for our members.