From time-to-time almost everyone has the need for a personal loan for any number of reasons. Our signature loans offer you a convenient way to borrow funds for a variety of terms and applying is easy!

Worried about bouncing checks? Apply for our overdraft account and sleep tight!

For those that have money in a savings/share account, you can simply pledge those assets for a loan and pay less in interest.

Consumer Loan (unsecured) Rates
Unsecured Term​ APR* Per $1000
Personal 12 11.00% $88.40
Personal 24 12.00% $47.09
Personal 36 13.00% $33.71
Personal 48 14.00% $27.34
Overdraft n/a 16.00% n/a
Consumer Loan (secured) Rates
Secured Term​ APR* Per $1000
Share Secured** 30 4% Over*** n/a

* Annual Percentage Yield
** Maximum loan is 90% of collateral.
*** Over the rate paid on the account being pledged.

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